Is Nexium safe?

Whenever people are doing their research on a given medication, one of the main points of concern is the safety of the medication in question. This is perfectly understandable. You would not buy a sprinkler system that is considered unsafe, let alone a medication that you are taking for a condition that is ailing you and that has the potential of further harming your health. This blogsite is dedicated to Nexium, a proton pump inhibitor that has become the most widely used Nexium from its class and this article is dedicated to the safety o this medication.

The first indicator that Nexium is perfectly safe for use is the fact that it has been approved by the FDA.

The approval process that FDA applies to all new medications is a stringent one and a process that the vast majority of medications do not pass. In fact, it is estimated that for every medication that passes the approval process come about a thousand other medications that cannot pass the process.

FDA’s approval process involves three phases before the medication is introduced to the market. In all of the phases, the safety of the medication is one of the main concerns. In the first phase, the toxicity of the medication is studied. If the medication shows any potential for harming the health of the individual by mere ingesting it, it is denied the following phases. The second phase is meant to determine how much of the medication should be taken for each of the conditions it is used for, while the safety of the medication is also observed. The final, third phase involves numerous studies into how efficient the medication is, but the safety of the drug is also observed in this phase as well. Add to this the fact that even before it reaches these phases, the medication must be tested extensively on animals, and you can rest assured that the medication that passes this approval process is sufficiently safe.

When it comes to all of the safety issues, Nexium passes with flying colors. It can be used by pretty much everyone who is not allergic to it. Nexium does not produce any tolerance to the drug, which means that the efficiency of the medication remains constant, no matter for how long you use it. It has to be noted that it is still used only for short-term treatment of different conditions that involve gastric acid. There is also no possibility that you might develop dependency to Nexium online, as it has no effect on the central nervous system.

When it comes to side effects, the majority of side effects are only mild ones that can be tolerated and that go away in time. The occurrence of different serious side effects is highly unlikely, especially if the medication is taken as prescribed.

Even the common side effects such as headaches and nausea happen in less than 6% of patients, at the most. It is even estimated that it would be perfectly safe to use Nexium during pregnancy. However, due to lack of evidence about this, the use of this medication during pregnancy is something that the doctor should decide on and that should be factored in when the use of Nexium is considered.

All in all, generic Nexium is a perfectly safe medication to use and when you consider the benefits it brings to people suffering from different conditions exacerbated by gastric acid, whether to use it or not becomes a moot question. There is no reason why you should not take Nexium if you are suffering from any of the conditions it is indicated for.